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FME 2001

In 2001, FME was held in April in Oslo, Norway. It was hosted by Friends of the Earth Norway. The following issues were discussed:

  • The campaign to save Norway’s forest
  • Carbon sinks and their relation to plantations, forest certification and pesticides use.
  • How trade networks are changing the logging industry
  • How certification schemes are being taken over
  • The Russian Timber Trade
  • The CBD and its new work programme on forests
  • A training session/workshop on financial institutions and the world’s forests
  • Export Credit Agencies and the EU
  • The World Bank and its policies on forests and indigenous peoples
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia

There were varied outcomes of the meeting including a letter sent to WWF raising concern about their links with the logging industry. A letter was also sent to FSC and other Indonesian certifiers in support of a statement by WALHI (Friends of the Earth Indonesia) and more than 144 NGO and indigenous peoples’ organisations.