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Forest Movement Europe 2007

Held in Spain at an environmental centre in the Castle of Santa Cruz near to the Galician city of Coruña, the meeting was hosted by the university extension centre for the dissemination of environmental information (CEIDA) ( One day was devoted to a strategy for Galician NGOs, before the FME meeting took place.

The main issues discussed during the meeting included:

  • Progress on the European paper campaign
  • Preparing for the convention on biological diversity
  • Certification and the timber trade
  • Illegal logging and the FLEG(T) processes
  • Impact of plantations in Galicia, Portugal and Brazil
  • Forests and climate change
  • Agrofuels/biofuels
  • Forest Fires


Presentations given during the meeting are available here:

EU legislation on agrofuels and activities of European NGOs

FME presentation (2007) by Laszlo Máthé

PDF icon OPEN394.2 KB

Exploring ways for closer cooperation on procurement and related issues

FME presentation (2007) by Pina Gervassi and Nina Haase of FSC secretariat
PDF icon OPEN81.29 KB

Loggingoff info

FME presentation (2007) by David Young
PDF icon OPEN578.36 KB

Updates on VPA negotiations

FME presentation (2007) By Mardi Minang and Iola Leal
PDF icon OPEN1.44 MB

The EU FLEGT process: an update

FME presentation (2007) by Sebastien Risso

Government procurement policies across the EU

FME presentation (2007) by Anke Schulmeister
PDF icon OPEN116.48 KB

NORFOR: The case of Galician FSC certified eucalyptus plantation

FME presentation (2007) by Benito Andrade
PDF icon OPEN564.97 KB

Proposed FSC Global Strategy

FME presentation (2007) by Eric Palola
PDF icon OPEN136.45 KB

CITES and logging of mahogany in Peru

FME presentation (2007), by Nils Hermann Ranum
PDF icon OPEN182.1 KB

Is CITES an effective tool to regulate timber trade?

FME presentation (2007), by James Hewitt
Microsoft Office document icon OPEN34.5 KB